Thursday, January 14, 2010

Danny McIntosh- No Ordinary Angel

Finally back.

Enter the long awaited full length debut record from Montana-via-Michigan singer songwriter Danny McIntosh. Folks have long said: The devil's in the details and true rewards come to those who persevere- two themes which weave throughout the entirety of 'No Ordinary Angel', Danny's hot-off-the-press new record.

'No Ordinary Angel' is a journey on the roads and characters of the American Experience, as seen through Danny McIntosh's eyes. The resulting ten song canon is quite remarkable. Danny's keen lyrics and heartfelt delivery remind this listener of a young Kris Kristofferson, especially on 'Heaven the Devil and Me' which echoes the lineage of the aforementioned artists 'To Beat The Devil'. Good company to be in, Danny possesses a true songwriters ability to make the listener feel as though they know the characters. On 'Good Ole Boys' Danny sings:

he used to be the first cup of coffee at the diner every morning
and the last man working at night
the first guy that you would call in a bind
and the last guy you'd ever call out to fight

I know that guy. You probably do too. He could be your father or uncle or brother. He may have his demons but he finds balance in taking time to help another. That's the message of this record. Give back a little more than you get, persevere and keep your chin up. Danny and the team of musician's set a fine example of such a message in their detailed and nuanced production of the record. Culling a cast of musician's from across the country and co-produced and recorded by Montana's Wayne Murphy, the radio-ready sound of 'No Ordinary Angel' features warm guitars, crisp drums and standout performances which really make the songs come alive. Notable are the backup vocals by Amy Thompson, her accompaniment suits Danny's vocals and songs perfectly and brings a real spark to the recordings. Danny and his production team were clearly trying to reach a wide audience with this release; here's hoping 'No Ordinary Angel' finds a home on the airwaves near you.

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